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Brazilian Butt Liftin Atlanta

Alter the size and shape of the buttocks with Brazilian Butt Lift.

Removing fat (liposuction) from troubled areas, typically the trunk (abdomen, flanks, and back) and then transferring it to the buttocks.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL or BBT – Brazilian Butt transfer) has been popularized in today’s society by the likes of many celebrities both within the states and abroad. It is a plastic surgery procedure in which fat is transferred to the buttocks and hip area to increase projection of the buttocks and can also be used to widen the hips.

How do I know my doctor is qualified?

You can easily perform an Internet search to confirm you are actually seeing a doctor. By selecting a board certified plastic surgeon, you will at least have the piece of mind knowing that you are having surgery in a safe setting and your surgeon is able to deal with potential complications. Here are a couple of links:

Brazilian Butt Lift patient in Atlanta

The Natural Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Jones is a Brazilian butt lift specialist, he has trained in the US and abroad working with some of the top experts in the field.

Many patients come to see Dr. Jones seeking a more natural appearing buttock lift. Dr. Jones has created the “Natural Brazilian Butt Lift or L’edition Naturelle.”

In many cases, people want the benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift, such as wider hips and enhanced projection of the buttocks, without sacrificing natural curves or texture. An inexpert BBL can result in the loss of the gentle aesthetic curve, though more volume or lift may be achieved.

Dr. Jones strives to deliver the best brazilian butt lift Atlanta has to offer and has expertly refined his technique to deliver a natural Brazilian Butt Lift. This way, the enhancements can be maintained without sacrificing the natural look. This can result in the curves created by the procedure being more gentle and gradual, thereby retaining the natural aesthetic.

The results achieve a look that can satisfy those who are seeking the benefits of a BBL without any over-exaggeration or unnatural shape. The clean, naturally rounded appearance can significantly enhance your overall silhouette.

​​​​​​​What are the risks of Brazilian Butt Lift?

At some point during your consultation or preoperative appointment, you will be asked to sign a consent form, make sure that your plastic surgeon discuss the risks with you. They may include some of the following:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Fluid collection (seroma)
  • Contour irregularities and asymmetries
  • Fat necrosis (fat cells die under the skin)
  • Poor scarring
  • Numbness
  • Skin loss
  • Anesthesia associated risks
  • Need for revision surgery
  • DVT (deep vein thrombosis), pulmonary embolism
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Can fat be taken from other places?

Absolutely, fat is most commonly taken from the trunk to shrink the waist, thereby creating more defined buttocks. However, some patients just do not have enough fat or they have other areas that are concerning and that fat is taken from that area. Other common areas include the inner thighs and arms.

Who does this procedure?

This is a very important question. Unfortunately, many unqualified individuals perform this procedure, which has led to a high mortality. The procedure is an invasive procedure and should be done by qualified medical professionals (plastic and reconstructive surgeons) that have been trained to perform such procedures.

Can the surgery be done without general anesthesia?

Yes. It can be done without general anesthesia, but I strongly feel that the appropriate level of sedation is needed to keep patients comfortable and relaxed so that they do not move during the procedure. Movement may lead to complications. Therefore, I perform the procedure only with a trained anesthesia provider.

What are some red flags?

Extremely discounted prices, doctor without hospital privileges, surgery done in medical office, no before and after photos, surgery done without anesthesiologist (or CRNA), no preoperative visit with the surgeon, “cosmetic surgeon,” just to name a few. Please be diligent and do your homework and if you are not completely comfortable, then you are probably not in the right place.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift recovery like?

After the 2.5 to 4 hour surgery, you should expect to have swelling that will improve over 1 – 2 weeks. Fluid is used to remove that fat, so it is not uncommon to have some drainage from the liposuction port sites. The skin also may become bruised. It is not uncommon to have some tingling and numbness of the lower back, this usually subsides over 1-2 months.

Most plastic surgeons require patients to wear a compression garment to aid in contouring and help with the swelling. It is important that the appropriate garment and size is selected, otherwise skin abrasions, burns, and loss of contour of the buttocks can occur. Also, most surgeons instruct patients not to sit of buttocks for a period of time in the immediate postop period (4-8 weeks).

Learn more about the post-op BBL protocol here.

Natural BBL: Dr. Nicholas Jones Explains What a Brazilian Butt Lift is and the operation in detail


How much fat do I need to see a difference?

I (Dr. Nicholas Jones, MD) usually transfer at least 500mL per side. The procedure is a combination of addition and subtraction. The smaller the waist, the larger the buttocks appear. Many patients that end up getting 360 liposuction look as if they have had a buttlift because the hip to waist ratio has increased.

How do I sleep after surgery?

We recommend that you sleep on your stomach (prone). The goal is to offload your buttocks, so no pressure is applied. For those that have difficulties sleeping in the prone position, you can place pillows beneath your thighs and lower back and “suspend your buttocks. The other option is to lay on your hips. Most of the time, Dr. Jones adds fat to the hips, but if push comes to shove and this is the only option, then try it. If you do, make sure you alternate between sides every 2 - 3 hours and use pillows to suspend.

How long does a BBL take?

It varies, but typically anywhere between 3 - 4 hours. Factors include your size, the number of areas being treated, and previous surgeries. As previous surgeries cause scarring and add time to harvesting fat.

What if I do not have enough fat for a BBL?

Generally, most of our Atlanta Brazilian Butt Lift patients have enough fat to perform a Brazilian Buttlift. For patients that truly do not have enough fat, other options include Sculptra and butt implants. Here at Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery, we do offer Sculptra. Dr. Jones does not perform butt implants.

What is Sculptra? How does it work?

Sculptra is an injectable filler made of polylactic acid (PLA), its primary use is for facial contour deficiencies. For buttocks enhancement, the filler is injected in the deep dermis and dermal fat interface to stimulate collagen growth giving the buttocks and hips more volume.

How much does Sculptra cost?

Sculptra generally costs $800 - $1200 / vial. For buttocks enhancement, you may need anywhere from 3 - 4 vials per side. Typically, 2- 3 sessions are required to get the best results and they are usually 6 - 10 weeks apart. As you can imagine, it can get costly, so most patients are better off with a BBL if they have enough fat.

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