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Lymphatic Massage & Cavitation in Atlanta

Improves Circulation and Aids in Faster Recovery

Dr. Jones and Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery in Atlanta are proud to offer Lymphatic Massages. This specialized procedure improves circulation and can help with faster recovery from surgery, while also breaking down deposits of fat around the body, for a smoother contour.

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What Does Lymphatic Massage Do?

Lymphatic massages have many uses. It was first developed to reduce swelling and fluid accumulation after surgery, especially in the arms following a mastectomy for breast cancer.

Improving circulation and reducing post-surgical swelling allows for faster healing and less strain on the body’s internal organs, as well as veins and arteries.

The lymph system, along with the body’s circulatory system, is responsible for moving fluid through tissues and around the body. Surgery can put additional strain on these systems during healing. Lymphatic massage helps the body work more efficiently and can reduce swelling and improve healing time for a smoother and more comfortable recovery.

What can Lymphatic Massage Do for Me?

Dr. Jones recommends his lymphatic massage & cavitation in Atlanta to help the body achieve an ideal recovery after surgery, especially for body contouring procedures. Our licensed massage therapist offers gentle, hands-on lymphatic massage to aid with the following:

  • Post tummy tuck--for a softer, less noticeable scar and less scar tissue and improved shape
  • Post liposuction--to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of lumpiness, and minimize bruising, to improve shape, minimize firmness
  • Post rhinoplasty--for less facial swelling and faster healing time
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What is Cavitation?

Cavitation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes the power of ultrasound therapy to break up fat cells around the body, including the abdomen, back, thighs, and upper arms.

It is an effective option for patients who do not wish to undergo traditional liposuction, and for most patients who undergo multiple treatments, the results are permanent.

Lymphatic Massage Combined with Cavitation

Lymphatic massage, along with cavitation, is an effective adjuvant therapy that can improve healing time, reduce scarring and bruising, and smooth out lumpiness to help you recover from your surgical procedure.

After any surgery, the body is stimulated to begin the healing process. As lymphatic massage & cavitation is comfortable and safe, it also uses cutting edge technology to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities to create a synergistic approach to wellness and restoration.

Who is a Candidate for Cavitation Therapy?

Cavitation cannot be performed on patients in their first trimester of pregnancy, those with certain types of heart problems or a pacemaker, and those with certain types of metal implants. Further, cavitation is open to patients of all skin types and leaves no scarring. When scheduling your surgery, ask Dr. Jones if Cavitation is right for you.

Save on your Lymphatic massages when you purchase a package with us!

Lymphatic Massage - 60 minutes - $150.00

Lymphatic Massage - 90 minutes - $250.00

Package: Original Price: Price with Package Purchase:
Post Op Massage 60 minutes 4 Pack $600.00 $575.00
Post Op Massage 60 minutes 5 Pack $750.00 $710.00
Post Op Massage 60 minutes 6 Pack $900.00 $845.00
Post Op Massage 60 minutes 8 Pack $1,200.00 $1,100.00
Post Op Massage 60 minutes 10 Pack $1,500.00 $1,350.00

Why Choose Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery for Lymphatic Massage & Cavitation?

Dr. Jones is a highly qualified and specialized plastic surgeon in Atlanta. With the highest care and regard for the quality of his work, Atlanta lymphatic massage & cavitation can enhance your results and recovery, getting you back to your life with less discomfort and sooner results. By having your treatments under one roof, Dr. Jones can closely monitor your progress and customize a plan especially built around your individual needs.

How long are the treatments?

Lymphatic massage treatments are typically 30-45 minutes each, depending on the type of surgery you’ve had. If cavitation is added, this can increase treatment time by an additional hour. You should expect to spend approximately 2 hours in the office if both treatments are being done.

How soon after surgery can I receive Lymphatic Massage & Cavitation?

Depending on the type of surgery that you’ve had, Dr. Jones typically recommends lymphatic massages within the first 2-3 days after most body contouring procedures (liposuction, BBL, tummy tucks). Cavitation can begin in as little as two weeks after surgery. Dr. Jones and his team will carefully monitor your postoperative recovery and let you know when the time is right for you to begin.

How should I prepare for my lymphatic massage?

Try to relax, wear comfortable clothing, and drink plenty of fluids prior to your massage. Make sure you have a chaperone for your first few massages, as you may not be suitable to drive after completing your massage.

Is Lymphatic Massage & Cavitation covered by insurance?

There are several instances where lymphatic massage is covered by insurance; however, when being utilized as an adjunct treatment for aesthetic surgical recovery, it is not able to be covered.

Cavitation is always considered a cosmetic procedure, and therefore, also not covered by insurance. However, you will be notified of the costs of each treatment upfront, in order to plan accordingly.

How many massages should I get after liposuction or a BBL?

For all our body contouring procedures, two sessions are included in your pricing. Each patient’s individual needs vary, but in general, most patients benefit from at least 6-8 sessions.

We also highly recommend that you book additional sessions prior to surgery because the slots fill up fast.

Is Lymphatic Massage & Cavitation painful?

While lymphatic massage has the reputation for being painful and uncomfortable, when performed for the purposes of enhancing surgical healing, it is actually quite gentle. Our massage therapist has a reputation for being extremely gentle.

Most patients describe the initial massage as the most uncomfortable session. However, our licensed therapist understands the healing process and the first massage is usually shorter in time and less intense just to get our patients acclimated to the treatments.

Using a combination of both long and circular strokes, the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems are kicked into high gear, to make each system more efficient, and shorten your recovery.

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