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Doctor Nicholas Jones
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" I give Dr. Jones five stars. He's a great surgeon, has a great personality and he really cares. He explained everything to me, my husband and he even called me after my surgery."

Live Life

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" I was visiting from out of town and I decided I was going to try fillers for the first time. A friend of mine suggested Dr. Nicholas Jones. He was very patient, explained the procedure to me and I had a great result! Thank you Dr. Jones!"

N Young

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"Dr. Nicholas Jones is an amazing doctor. He really knows how to make the patients feel comfortable. Very intelligent!!​​​​​​​"

Kourtney Rogers

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" Dr. Jones is amazing! I love my results. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable."

Crystal J.

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"Excellent, intelligent surgeon. Dr. Jones explains procedures well, is very thorough and ultimately delivers natural appearing, aesthetically appealing results."

Fanta Kasiah

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"This guys work is the best of the best. Worth every cent. It's rare to find a doctor with charisma and does fantastic work."

Melvin Little

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“ Dr. Jones was absolutely great. I flew in from out of town, to see Dr. Nicholas Jones, which came Highly recommended by a friend. I’m certainly pleased with Dr. Nicholas Jones. I will follow him wherever he goes! Great Spirit surgeon, great personality!”

Chandra P.

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“ Was a little reluctant because he looked so young, but after he explained everything to me, I was very comfortable. I am very pleased with my results.”

LH CEO / ergin Capital Advisers company

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" I went here to get surgery done on my ear ! OMGGGG FANTASTIC everything , from staff to nurses to doctors to just the entire atmosphere. Yeah most people just type in the reviews to be nice , but no i’m typing a review because I would literally advice ANYONE looking for a great surgery and a speedy recovery to come to APS for Dr.Nicholas Jones. He is beyond great ! He and heather informed me on EVERYTHING before moving forward. I am just glad that God sent me here , because he couldn’t have sent me anywhere better. I this place !! , the beautiful ladies that work there & Dr.Nicholas Jones . If I could give more than 5 stars I would"

Kayla F.

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“ My overall experience was wonderful, Dr. Jones is truly an experienced and caring doctor that focuses on perfection. He listened attentively to my needs and wants and was very up front with me about what he could do to improve my situation, and he did. God worked through him to repair me beautifully. I recommend Dr. Jones with 10 STARS, his work is amazing.”

M Blakk

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"Dr. Jones is a fabulous surgeon. He practices medicine with integrity. He will give you honest feedback about whether a procedure is safe and right for you. He is protective of you as the patient. He is thorough with explaining the procedure itself. He will take excellent care of you before, during, and after the procedure. To me, it is clear that plastic surgery is his calling. If you wish to undergo a cosmetic procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Jones.​​​​​​​"

Katrell Nash

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“ I am not even a week post-op and I am so thrilled with my results. Dr. Jones didn't give me my pre-baby body back, he gave me a better version! The shape of my figure is something I never thought I would have. I can't wait until all of the swelling goes down and I can truly enjoy my new and improved body. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. ”

Natalia Oswald

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“ I’m speaking on my experience with Dr. Nicholas Jones. This guy is a rarity. He’s very down to earth and very patient. I had access to him at all times via his phone or email. He answered every question I had and was very open and honest about what he could and could not do for me. I like the fact that he treated me as a equal and seemed to truly value my business. As long as I am in the Atlanta area I will be going to see him for any work I may want done in the future. Not to mention he has a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed being his patient. I will recommend him to everyone I know! His work is impeccable!”

Quirky Curls

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"I give Dr.Jones 5 stars... I was able to meet with him twice with my concerns prior to my scheduled procedure, unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of having him perform the procedure.. This was due to issues with the scheduler. For some reason they kept scheduling my appointments from the New York office... I lost time from work 3days....Also the nurse customer service is very poor... She was nonchalant.Everytime I asked her a question she would breath hard... Besides the poor customer service I feel that Dr.Jones is trusting and his individual customer service is great. hopefully we will meet again in the future for my procedure"

Sheena Broughton

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"I love the care you give. The way you inform your client with all detail information. Also asking your clients to research all doctors. I appreciate your craft, I see how detail you are when your discussing your passion. When I walk into your office I feel welcomed and like I'm part of the family. Your as a amazing doctor. I have personally recommended you to 4 of my friends that absolutely loved your consultation. Thanks for being loyal to your work......"

Janice Killingsworth​​​​​​​

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" I had my surgery one month ago and I'm truly impressed with the results so far, especially for it being only a month. I asked questions before the surgery and even more when I went back for my one month post op check up. At no time at all Dr. Jones made me feel as if I was asking too many questions. He explained everything that I needed to know before the surgery and also what I needed to know after the surgery. Dr. Jones truly cares about you as his patient. His main concern is your safety. He listens well, is patient and very respectful. I would recommend Dr. Jones to anyone who is considering surgery. You wont regret choosing him as your surgeon. I'm happy I did. Dr. Jones you are awesome! You get two thumbs up and ten stars from me."

M. Weeks

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