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Breast Augmentation in Atlanta

Best Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is sometimes referred to as augmentation mammoplasty. The procedure can enhance the breasts’ shape, size or volume. At Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery we strive to deliver the best breast augmentation Atlanta has to offer.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation involves making an incision and placing implants underneath the breast tissue or muscle. The procedure can be combined with other types of surgery, including lifts and mommy makeovers. Some people can achieve a breast lift with augmentation alone. Others may need to undergo a lift with implants.

You might opt for breast augmentation surgery if your breasts:

  • Are naturally smaller than you desire
  • Have changed shape or fullness due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss
  • Are not symmetrical
  • Have been removed due to cancer

The perfect implant is based on your goals, body type and anatomy. We understand how to assess your body so that we achieve the breast size and shape that’s ideal for you. This is often based on the width of your chest and your breast tissue. Ultimately, your native anatomy will determine the size implants that can be used.

Breast Augmentation Atlanta

What Types of Breast Implants Are Available?

Most breast implants are made of saline or silicone. Each has its own pros and cons.


Saline implants have an elastomer silicone membrane and are filled with sterile saline liquid. The shell can be filled with a specific amount of solution to give you the feel and firmness that you desire. One of the benefits of saline implants is that the solution is safe for the body. If the implant leaks, your body will absorb and eliminate the liquid.


Silicone implants are made of a silicone shell. They are packed with a silicone gel. If these implants leak, the solution might stay in the casing. However, it can escape into the pocket that the implant sits in. This could cause the implant to collapse.

Newer gels are denser and more gummy-like than older gels. You might select this option for the most natural results. These have a semi-solid form and are less likely to leak than traditional silicone implants.


Some implants are round. Others are shaped like a teardrop. Many people opt for the teardrop shape because it mimics the natural curve of the breast. The top is tapered, and most of the fullness sits toward the bottom.

Teardrop implants were initially used for reconstruction in women who had undergone a mastectomy. Now they’re available for cosmetic breast augmentations too. But the shape of your chest and breast tissue might dictate the design of the implant. If you have shallow breasts, you might prefer to add fullness toward the top. In this case, round implant might be preferable.

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Breast implants can rotate after they’re inserted. This shift will not be as noticeable with round implants. Teardrop implants have textured membranes. They encourage your body to generate scar tissue, which holds the implants in place and reduces the likelihood that they will rotate.

Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Jones, MD, DOES NOT USE TEXTURED IMPLANTS. Textured implants have been removed off the market secondary to BIA-ALCL (Breast-implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma).

Most breast implants last for 10 to 20 years. However, breast implants last for a shorter period of time if you experience complications, such as hardening, rupture, leakage, rippling or a change in position.

You can replace the implants with another set. Sometimes, you may need to choose different options for your second surgery. This is especially true if your skin has sagged or your body shape has changed since the first surgery.

What Are the Risks of Breast Augmentation?

Atlanta Breast augmentation is generally regarded as a safe procedure. Most women recover quickly. However, there are risks inherent in any surgery, such as infection, reactions to medications or anesthesia, and bleeding.

Some of the risks that are specifically associated with breast augmentation include:

  • Reduced sensation in the nipples
  • Thickened scar tissue
  • Uneven nipple position
  • Implant rupture
  • Visible rippling
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Emotional side effects may occur as well. Some people have trouble getting used to their new body shape. Others are disappointed when people don’t notice that they’ve had a cosmetic procedure.

However, most of our patients are pleased with their new breasts. They feel more confident, sexy and empowered. When you have appropriate breast implant surgery expectations, you can head into the procedure with assurance. Please ask us as many questions as you’d like and express your concerns to us so that we can help you achieve the best outcome.

Breast Implant Surgery Expectations

Before you decide to have the procedure, you should have a comprehensive consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Be honest about your reasons for having the surgery and discuss your goals and expectations.

We will help you choose the right size and type of implant. We will also discuss incision options, which depend on the type of implant, the size of the implant and the patient’s anatomy. You’ll receive instructions for how to prepare for the surgery.

Most patients receive general anesthesia for the surgery. You shouldn’t feel any pain while the procedure is being performed. The implant is inserted into a pocket underneath the outer breast tissue. With a submuscular placement, the surgeon places the implant beneath the pectoral muscle.

A submammary implant goes over the pectoral muscle but beneath the breast tissue. After the implant is placed, the doctor will close the incision with stitches or sutures. If your sutures are dissolvable, they’ll dissipate within about six weeks. You may have to return to the surgeon to remove other types of stitches.

The incisions will be visible initially. However, they fade with time and don’t typically leave a conspicuous mark. Our aim is to provide you with the enhancement that you desire with minimal scarring.

​​​​​​​We can make an incision:

  • In the crease beneath the breast (inframammary fold)
  • In the armpit (axillary approach)
  • Around the nipples (circumareolar)

What Is the Recovery Period Like?

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery is fairly straightforward. You might wake up from the anesthesia feeling groggy. You’ll likely be sore. We’ll give you pain medication for any post-operative discomfort. Someone should drive you home from the surgery and monitor you overnight.

Most Atlanta breast augmentation patients are able to move around the next day. However, you’ll still feel sore for the first five to seven days. During that time, you’ll probably want to rest and take it easy. Talk to your surgeon about your plans for continuing the pain medication. Many patients benefit from wearing special recovery bras to ease pain and accelerate healing. These bras are comfortable and allow for proper circulation and drainage. They also keep your implants stable.

You’ll need to wear a bra around the clock after surgery. Therefore, make sure that it’s seamless and breathable, do not wear a wired bra, it may irritate your incision. You’ll probably feel better the second week. Don’t perform strenuous exercise for several weeks following the procedure. You shouldn’t jump, run, lift children or do any other vigorous movements until you have completely recovered. If your job requires you to do physical labor, you might want to remain out of it for three weeks to one month. You should be cleared for all activities within two months.

Atlanta breast augmentation

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