Facial Fillers And Botox in Atlanta

Reduce Or Stop The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles In The Face

If you have any interest in fighting back against aging skin, it is almost impossible that you have not heard about facial fillers and Botox. However, understanding the similarities and differences between them is often a very different story. We want to make sure that our patients understand the information about our products so that they can help to make the best decisions about their treatment options.

Understanding the Products

Facial fillers (or dermal fillers) and Botox are both cosmetic treatments that are used to help reduce or stop the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face.

These products are both non-surgical and are administered through a series of injections into the targeted areas. In addition, both of these approaches are typically given in an office setting and do not require advanced medical care facilities. However, the similarities between the two approaches end here, and the manner in which they function is drastically different.

If you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, contact our offices today to schedule a consultation. We can review your desired outcome and current situation to help recommend the best solution for you!

Injectable Fillers


At the most basic, Botox is made from a purified natural bacteria that works by freezing the muscles. Typically, these muscles are responsible for creating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When Botox freezes these muscles, they relax and allow to reduce the tension that is placed on the skin.

Botox naturally occurs in the natural world but can be deadly if ingested in large amounts. Fortunately, Botox has been safely used for decades by professionals. Because Botox only works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines that are caused by tense muscles, it can only correct this specific type of wrinkle. Botox is typically used to help with “Crow’s feet” (the lines at the edges of the eyes), horizontal lines on the forehead, and vertical lines between the eyebrows.

Botox is not a permanent solution for wrinkles and will wear off with time. If patients want to continue to reduce or remove the appearance of these wrinkles, they will need to continue treatment. Botox typically lasts between three and four months.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers inject specific substances and formulations into the skin to add fullness and volume to the skin. There are a variety of different chemical makeups in facial fillers that are currently available for medical use, so you should work closely with our staff to decide which formula is best for you and your desired results.

While many patients will immediately recognize an improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles, the full results can take a few weeks to be completely realized. Similarly to Botox, facial fillers are not permanent, and ongoing treatment will be required to maintain wrinkle reduction. However, these fillers often last between six months and two years depending on the patient and the type of injection used.

Facial fillers can be used for a variety of wrinkles on the skin and are not limited to just wrinkles caused by muscle tension. Some of these commercial varieties can also help to reduce the appearance of scars caused by acne.

Additional Considerations

Although both Botox and Facial Fillers are considered safe, there is always the potential of infection or side effects. One of the best ways to avoid negative side effects is to ensure that your medical provider is properly licensed and educated and to review their past work. In addition, ask to speak with some of their other clients and ask about their experience. If you do happen to experience a side effect from your treatment, it is important to contact your medical provider immediately to be properly evaluated.

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