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Can A Massage Help My Tummy Tuck Heal Faster?Dr. Nicholas Jones

So you did all of the research, you knew exactly what you wanted to flatten, tighten, and tuck, and you made the move to get your dream procedure and new look. Your surgeon told you it would take some time for the swelling to go down. You just didn't realize it would feel like this. You think something's wrong, and you call the doctor, and you are told the solution is...

...a massage?

It's true. A postoperative lymphatic massage is one of the most important ways you can ease discomfort and improve the pace of healing following trauma. At Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, lymphatic massages are a part of our procedure-specific recovery plans for almost all our plastic surgery procedures, from tummy tucks to liposuction to Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Why? Well, you just went through a big change (whether it was liposuction or another type of plastic surgery) and your body is adjusting. Your procedure has a big impact on your lymphatic system. To understand why massages can help improve your recovery after surgery, we need to explain how that part of your body functions.

Your lymphatic system is like a cleaning crew for your body.

Think of your lymphatic system as your body's public works department. It moves fluid and toxins around and keeps your body from getting sick by collecting waste and moving it out of the body. It also sends in lymphocytes to help remove infections and waste from your cells. But when the system gets disrupted or overwhelmed (like after surgery), that leads to swelling, sluggishness, or even illness.

You can't blame your body. It's used to the way things are. A sudden change throws your system off its game, so when it's trying to figure out what's going on and why an area is suddenly damaged, it can start backing up with fluid and causing you to swell. A postoperative lymphatic massage can help clear the traffic jam and get your body's cleaning crew functioning like normal again.

How do I know I need a lymphatic massage?

You've already been through a lot. You decided to get that surgery because you wanted it or needed it, and the goal is that it has a positive impact on your quality of life. The recovery shouldn't be any harder than it has to be, but backups to the lymphatic system can unfortunately make it that way. Swelling, lumps, and aches in the treatment area are telltale signs that you could benefit from a postoperative lymphatic massage.

Think of the same massage you would get for sore muscles or a barking back. The feeling of relief is second to none, right? That's the same idea for a postoperative lymphatic massage. Using a highly-skilled relief technique, lymphatic massage therapists release the accumulated fluid so it can get moving again. This means your swelling can go down, and your body can better heal itself. The massages are performed in the area where there are lymph nodes and lymph fluid so it can be gently convinced to get back on track and get you feeling your best.

What happens if I choose not to get a postoperative lymphatic massage?

Not everyone heals at the same rate. Have you ever seen someone up and moving around after surgery or getting sick and wondered, "how did they do that?"" Maybe they're just lucky, but there's no way to predict how everyone's body will react to certain situations.

On the other side of that are those who get the short end of the recovery stick. We went through the surgeries, and now our bodies are retaining a lot of fluid, and we are really uncomfortable. This can prolong our entire recovery process and make us miserable in the meantime as we deal with the swelling and discomfort associated with the fluid backup or blockage.

Post-operation lymphatic massages get those backups and blockages moving again, especially after very disruptive surgeries that remove cells from the body, like liposuction or abdominoplasty. The goal for most people who decide to get cosmetic surgery is to get to their end goal of looking great and feeling even better. That can be tough to do for some people who may have to deal with prolonged swelling.

Prolonged backup or blockage of lymphatic fluid can have a permanent effect on the body. If this fluid is in one place for too long, it can eventually harden and stay there permanently. A post-operation lymphatic massage regiment can help prevent that from happening for patients.

When is the best time to get a Lymphatic Massage?

Many patients enjoy the benefits of the postoperative lymphatic massage treatment within the first week after surgery, as that helps the body kickstart the healing process. Many decide that multiple, one-hour sessions per week for the first month or so after surgery yield the best results before they scale it back to 30-minute sessions. At Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we recommend our patients begin postoperative lymphatic massage treatment as early as the first few days after surgery in some cases. It can make that big a difference.

If you're experiencing pain or swelling following surgery, schedule a session for recovery care in Atlanta at Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery. No matter who did your procedure, our recovery experts can give you a second opinion on your recovery plan and provide immediate relief with a postoperative lymphatic massage. Fill out the form below to schedule your visit.

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